The Sky Inside

Hey, I'm Moriah. I Iive just outside Asheville, North Carolina with my family.  I'm a mama, writer, grounded but empathic healer, and life coach.

When I look back on my life, I have always been someone who could counsel, hold space, and make people feel more alive and inspired.  I do this mainly through coaching, my own personal relationships, and writing. 

You can read my writing on the blog here, or over on my instagram.

In my 20's I set off to become a therapist, but discovered coaching:healing:and somatic (body based work) along the way.  I delved deeply into my own healing work, and found I loved the experience of connecting to myself, and others as part of this journey. I also made a lot of mistakes, got lost in relationships sometimes, and found myself in thickets of shadow work. I definitely had to learn sometimes the hard way how to protect my magic, and also how to keep sharing it. 

Even though the shadow was often dark, I always returned from these places truly and profoundly more myself than before. 

My coaching is an experience of coming home to yourself. To your body. To your heart. To your jewels, your inner gold, and your desires. Who are you really? What do you crave? What is your soul longing for? What untold story is still inside you?

I am a space holder + counselor for people who are in transition, or who want to transform parts of their life/relationships/work/creative process. 

The core of my work is about holding space for you to just show up, be seen, and converse around who you are, and who you are meant to become (or want to become). It sounds so simple, but really allowing yourself just to arrive, to come as you are, and wherever you're at is so powerful.

My coaching is powerful container, a sanctuary, a space to really “be,” to fall apart, to come together, to simply, truly BE with you.

I will hold space to see you, feel you, and delve into your story and your journey. This is sacred space for you. I will meet you where you’re at. 

As a writer, and I've always loved stories: hearing them, reading them, writing them, watching them, and maybe even more so, I love experiencing them. From a young age, all of my teachers encouraged me to write and keep writing, letting me know I had a gift, a flare, a voice. I got a BA from the New School in New York City, and continue to write and publish in various ways through my adult life. 

 For me writing is a way to bring alive some of the stories I'm living: as a mother, a woman, a writer, as someone who is deeply empathic,  often joyful, and also sometimes stormy. That's why I choose to share so much of myself here: this is about being fully alive, and sharing what that looks like.

This is about longing. It's about being found, and being lost. It's about discovering who you are. It's living the questions, and finding your way, and knowing and not knowing who or what you're supposed to be

 It's about falling into love, and grief, and wanderlust, and desire. It's about your heart breaking open again and again into this this full, real, real life. 

It's about all the things we carry with us. It's about giving birth to babies, and to ourselves.  Its about dreams and shadows.  It's about the sky inside, hearts on fire, and everything in between. This is the real deal :)

Thank you for trusting me with your heart and purpose.  





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