The Sky Inside

Dear Beautiful, Lovely You

it's time to slow down, reconnect + dream again

Do you feel, deep down, that you have more gifts + magic to share to world? Would you like to bring that gift out more?

Do you feel like you're having to hold it together in your life, and just want time and spaciousness to create and explore?

Do you sometimes feel pulled in too many directions, and are longing to feel more grounded, embodied, and living the desires of your heart?

Are you curious about somatics (body based awareness), and long to be more fully embodied in yourself?

Are you a dreamer or a romantic, who has had to be very pragmatic as an adult, and wants to recapture the fire + beauty of your soul's essence?

Do leave yourself and your needs on the back burner, while everything + everyone else gets the best parts of yourself?

Do you love your partner, your children, and your work, but sometimes crave to receive just some of that energy put back in yourself?

Do you desire more spaciousness in your life, and long to be filled again by wonder and stirring beauty?

Do you sometimes dismiss your needs, so that you can take care of everyone else, and everything else?

Do you want to fall back in love with your life, or the girl you used to be?

Are you a new mom (or seasoned mama!) who is just like "how do I do this? I am overwhelmed and don't know how to do it all!"

Do you long to make change in your relationships, work, or sense of self,  but aren't sure where to start?


 If you answered "yes" to even one or two of these questions, then it's time, my dear one, it's time to say yes to the call of your heart.

We are living in a very intense time period, where new rules are being written, and new ways of being both with ourselves and each other are coming into light. It's a powerful moment, and also sometimes incredibly overwhelming. I get it. I'm living it. We need new ways of being embodied, resilient, and trauma informed humans.

There is a potent opportunity here for us as women. It also requires we sometimes seek guidance, healing, and conversations with people that can hold space for us to discover +uncover who we are, and what we want.

 In my coaching and healing practice,  I support people in reconnecting with their authenticity, sensuality, beauty, and passion.  I empower both you and your body, and teach people about embodiment. I don't have a formula or a script: I want you to live a life of  your own making, with the people you want in it, doing what you are gifted at doing, and sharing that to the world. 

I believe in empowering women to live life on their own terms, in the full expression of their gifts and their truth.  I also happily work with empowered men who are seeking guidance and counsel from a coach.

Sessions with me run between 60 - 75 minutes.  I charge a sliding scale of $65-$75 per individual coaching/healing session, though I highly recommend to begin this process most people commit to a 4 session Coaching Package. You’ll have more time and attention from me, a deeper healing experience that will create powerful shifts internally and externally, and you’ll receive a discount on coaching. See a few paragraphs below for more details.

In my coaching with you:

  • I really listen to you.

  • Teach you self-love, self-care, and resiliency practices that will change your life.

  • I create a safe, accepting, sacred place to explore what's going and we start there. 

  • I ask powerful clarifying questions, reflecting back to you your true self, and together we create new possibilities for your life.

  • I support your relationships, your work, and hold space for your most desired, and beautiful dreams to unfold. 

Some sessions, we will incorporate somatic/body based healing, grounding and centering exercises, energy work, and guided meditation.  I have a large tool kit to support you in your healing and growth. In fact, most people learn some dynamic, healing practices during our coaching, and begin to integrate them into their lives, so they have ways of empowering and taking care of themselves for the rest of their lives.

Are you ready? My coaching is not only impactful and long-lasting, it's also affordable. Many other coaches charge anywhere from $100-$250 per hour session and more - with packages usually starting at $1,000.  I firmly believe therapy + coaching should be available to all that desire it. 

You can reach me by phone/text at  718.801.2033 to book your session today, email or fill out this form. (*note* - technology can be funky! I will always respond to you - if you don't hear back in 24 hours, please text or email me so I can ensure I receive your request to book.)

"When I started talking to Moriah this morning, I was tired. Exhausted really. I’ve been suffering from some professional burnout and the stress of the pressing question of whether or not to have kids, and I’ve honestly been too tired to give either of those things the thought required to resolve them. But talking through my thoughts and challenges with Moriah helped me begin to see a way forward that I hadn’t been able to think of by myself. During our call, I noticed how she could ‘feel’ when I was on the right track – a real perk of working with an empathic coach! She brought attention to those ‘right track’ moments, giving me affirmation that I was headed in the right direction for me. It was so helpful to have a whole hour to give deep thought to issues that have been slowly festering for a long time and get feedback from a smart, thoughtful woman. Hours after, as I was ruminating over our discussion, and I kept having epiphanies that kept rippling outward. I’ve never worked with a coach before, but it’s been an eye-opening experience I’d recommend for anyone who can’t quite make the time or find the energy to address the loose threads of their lives. My favorite Moriah quote from our call was this: “The shadow can be our biggest teacher. It’s there so it can be healed, so we can experience the rebirth.” Lauren, California

Want to work with me more than just once?

I offer a "Come Home To Your Soul" Coaching package for sliding scale $244 - $279. (I simply ask that you pay what you can afford at this time. I can offer a payment plan) (3).jpg
  • This gives you the opportunity to really lean in and explore with me as your guide.

  • This includes:

  • 4 individual coaching sessions (60-75 minutes)

  • Weekly journaling prompts to ignite your inner wisdom and open your soul more fully.

  • Email, text, and phone contact when you get stuck, or need support in between sessions.

  • Coaching and healing tailored more specifically towards your individual goals and needs. (4).jpg

Benefits and Results You'll Experience

Decreased anxiety + overwhelm 

Spaciousness in your life to explore and create

Feeling more energized to live your dreams

Nourishing energy for your body and soul

Feeling settled, present, and grounded in your body  

More empowered relationships with men

Clarity + vision about what you need + want

Healing old trauma patterns, wounds, and uncovering your buried gifts

Unleashing your voice + magic to the world 

Clearer boundaries with yourself + others

Knowing it’s OK to ask for what you desire, and the ability to do so

Energy for your family + children + work, while also having time + space for yourself 

Living life more fully, and on your own terms

More connected to your creativity, more able to easily express yourself

Increased confidence, knowing you can take clear steps that align with your dreams

Stronger ability to listen and receive guidance from your inner authentic self

Discovering your magic + powers, and ways to share them

Connection to your purpose and power

Letting go of your inner critic and allowing your soul to express herself

Deepening of love, intimacy, + relationships

Excitement and inspiration to take action + create in your life

A more sensual, intuitive way of being with yourself and in the world (5).jpg

My coaching is an experience of coming home to yourself. To your body. To your heart. To your jewels, your inner gold, and your desires. Who are you really? What do you crave? What is your soul longing for? What untold story is still inside you? Let's find out together.

Professional training + experience 

I have studied extensively in different therapeutic and healing modalities. I have clinical training from the Smith School for Social Work, I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, and have done training with CTI, one of the worlds most renowned coach training programs. I have also worked directly with many trained therapists, coaches, and other professionals in the healing arts.  I have a BA in creative writing from the New School University in New York City.

 I work to continue my personal growth and education so I can serve my clients, myself, and the community at large.  I live in Asheville, which has a powerful healing tradition in its community, and am grateful to live a life surrounded with so many other artists and healers.

You can read more about me and my journey here.

Working with Moriah was a beautiful experience. I instantly felt connected to her nurturing, compassionate energy. After speaking with Moriah I felt energized yet grounded. Her coaching is truly magical!