“Powerful and Enlightening.”

Working with Moriah was very powerful and enlightening for me, as we discussed the various stages of my life that combined together, have defined the woman I have become and will continue to be.

The most eye-opening moment for me was when she asked me, "what do you know?" My response to this was for me an overwhelming euphoria of " I can and I will " statements that I haven't verbalized out loud but I really needed to hear myself say. I am forever grateful for having worked with Moriah, gaining a better understanding of not only Who I am but also Where I am headed. 



Xoxo, Katy, California

Moriah is such a gem! She is extremely kind, perceptive, and non-judgmental, and naturally gifted at creating a safe space to open up and explore what is happening in your head. She listens closely and has so much wisdom to share. I was super anxious and wound up when we met, and I walked away feeling so much more at peace and relaxed in myself. I feel so grateful to have met her!

Ashley C


When I found myself struggling, I called Moriah and set up some coaching sessions. I hadn't worked with a coach before, so I was a little nervous - what should (and shouldn't) I talk about?

Moriah made it so easy and comfortable, beginning with some guiding questions to get me started, and then asking additional gentle questions throughout the session. 

I'm an introspective person by nature, and I had thought through my struggles a million times alone.

But working with Moriah helped me make connections I had never made before - and I'm certain I wouldn't have made without her guidance.

After just two sessions, I understood myself and my needs so clearly that I've already made positive and significant adjustments to my life.

If you are feeling frustrated or stuck or uncertain of your next step, I highly recommend you reach out to Moriah.

Joey, Asheville, NC


“Deeply Supportive”

Moriah helped me settle deeply into myself in a very supportive, nurturing way. She understands the complexities of motherhood and womanhood and is eager to help others on their own journey of evolving. She is able to offer reflection of the bigger self, the bigger journey, and the great network of support that we all have but sometimes forget. I highly recommend working with Moriah to explore your own inner territory and inner sky.

— Isabel W.

“the truth within my soul”

Working with Moriah has been truly amazing. She has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter, recognizing the positives, helping me to connect with and remember the truth within my soul. 

— Kirstie F



It’s almost have the fog lifted and feel like I am exactly in the right place at the right time and trusting in that. I feel like I don't have to judge myself and that I am grounded and safe in the space that I occupy. Those moments of clarity have started to inspire me and make me strive for that feeling a majority of the time rather than worrying about everything I "have to do" or tasks that I put on myself. I use different visualizations that we have practiced together everyday and it has helped me feel more grounded and in tune. Even now typing and explaining this feeling I'm feeling stress in my chest clear away.

I'm so excited to continue to build on all of this and continue to grow myself! You are great! Thank you so much for all of these practices.
— Stephanie, NJ

“The Breakthrough I’ve Been Looking For”

I had a coaching session with Moriah last, and I must say she is amazing! She is empathic, understands situations, and she reminded me that I have overcome so much. And I've done a lot of work. Sometimes I need that reminder because I get stuck in the place I am now. I have since made a lot of leaps through fears that I have and am finally ready for the breakthrough I've been looking for. Thank you Moriah!

— Christina, MA


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