All I Want


I want black and white. I want color. I want percussions. I want the city. I want nettles and lavender and bitters. I want to feel alive. I want a fire escape overlooking the skyline,  a rooftop, and the stars inside me shimmering. I want to be alone with you. I want to keep moving.  I want to make you feel things. I want to write you a letter, and I want you to send me one back.

I want to be far away, with nothing else but the sound of the ocean, and the cars on the highway, and the coffee brewing in the morning.   I want that ocean between us. I want you to follow me there. I want a bar with Christmas lights on, and a jukebox. I want the things that never happened. I want to feel you on me.  Remember? I want to wear those boots all night long. I want to play pool and go swimming. I want all the things I want to forget.

I want to be left behind. I want to be found. I want to know it's all OK.  I want to let it slide. I want it to shift. I want it to stay the same. I want to be who I really am. I want to throw it all away and start again.  I want to be wild. I want to be full. I want to be empty. I want to let go. I want you to meet me there. I know that you will.

Moriah Norris-HaleComment