Resiliency, Self-Care, & Life Coaching with Moriah


Let's just get to the meat of the matter: the heartache of what's happening in this country (US) has felt almost like too much to carry, too much to bear, too much to know what to do with, and also too much to turn away from.


We can't turn away from it,  and yet how do we stay engaged, present and whole in ourselves so we can respond with both action and compassion?


How do you keep loving when your heart keeps breaking? How do you keep fighting when it feels like it just gets worse? How do we stay feeling safe & whole when so many around us are being treated inhumanely, and don’t have the privilege of safety right now, and maybe never have? 

I am trying to figure this out as much as anyone, so I put out on some of my social media the other day asking people what they are doing to confront all this intensity, anxiety, and overwhelm (and perhaps even numbness).


I received incredible feedback, and it gave me faith that that maybe we can see this whole thing through if we keep supporting each other.  Some of the things mentioned were getting out into nature, swimming or being in water, holding babies, taking action, going on media and social media fasts, going deeper into their own wells for wisdom, spiritual work, nourishing their bodies with sleep and food, books, digging deep into the Earth and the dirt, music, therapy ... and much more. 


All these feelings of overwhelm are a completely legitimate response to the family separation going on, as of course we are human mammals that thrive on staying connected, bonded, and in touch with each other (especially children and their parents!)


No wonder I've been been feeling physically ill about this, as our nervous systems literally go on overload when we experience this (even just by hearing about it can set us into that activated place). 

So I made a video based on my own thoughts, and inspired by what other people had to say. (It's in 2 parts, with a lot of the info in number 1,  so take a peek!)


These videos also weave beautifully with some of the coaching/healing work I've been delving into. Though not for the first time,  this is a different evolution that gathers together so much I've learned from the past few years after doing more of my own work, having a baby, digging into my creative practice in a new way, and of course, this little blog of mine.


 Resiliency and self-care part one


 Resiliency and self-care part two

It's been fun doing these videos, and though I'm a writer it's nice to explore other mediums and ways of connecting. 


So what's going on with your coaching!?? (I know you want to know!)


OK so here's a truth - I am not a huge fan of the word "life coach": I was brought up with the idea if you needed help and wanted to talk with someone,  you go to a traditional therapist, or mental health care counselor,  friend, or maybe family member, OR just dealt with it yourself and that was about it. "Life Coach" sounds about as gimmicky as you can get! (It's actually not! read on) 


In fact, I almost became a therapist twice! (I've started graduate school not once, but twice to do it!)


My experiences in graduate school are for another post, and I will share more of that soon, but each time I was in school, my life basically flipped upside down to lead me in another direction, almost like the universe was saying, "Oh, you're a healer all right, but you are going to do it your on way, in your own time, and learn directly from your own lived experiences and from working with other people. You're going to find the jewels + take aways from many different healers, coaches,  therapists, spiritual mentors, body workers,  energy workers, and other counselors + just being alive and having your heart broken a time or two + being an empath and learning to work with that part of yourself + falling in love profoundly + healing your own family/childhood wounds + becoming a mama... and  then you'll share with the world through your writing and healing work what you find."


And oh boy, it's been something. Thanks universe! So blessed to have done this work, and now getting to open up more with it to others. 


Like, it's yummy, powerful, potent stuff when we can meet ourselves, with someone else in a space of grace and healing. Life coaching I've realized is actually cutting edge work in the way it engages people on multiple levels, asks powerful questions, and holds space for people to step into parts of themselves they may have never been before. Because it’s outside of the box in some ways, it’s liberating in a way nothing else really can be.


There's so much I could say about this journey ... but I want you to know this about my coaching right now:


If you like my writing, and have been following me for awhile,  then something tells me you'll also love my coaching style.


If you've ever thought "Moriah uses words in such a compelling way," or "wow, Moriah's writing is both prose and poetry + memoir and some powerful teaching moments ...  how is she doing it? She has a gift..." or "I can just feel her words" then we will probably connect in my coaching, as well. 


In a nutshell, my coaching is about both feeling + listening so we can connect with

1) what we really know, but haven't yet put words to

2) what we really want, and how to embody that in our lives

3) a feeling of love, safety, and radical acceptance to be truly, truly *you*.


And guess what?  The same skills + heart + intuition + creative energy + compassion + tapping in that I use as a writer, I use in my coaching.  The same aliveness and power I bring to my words, I bring to my coaching.


When I tap in with you, you feel the shifts, and almost effortlessly start to realize more about your own self.  


I want to support you in knowing what you already know, and may just need help remembering .... 


I support people, especially women, with moving into her deep self, her knowing, her truth,  and her gifts so she can fully align and thrive in the vision of her own life. Your life is your own, and you have your own gifts + energy + beauty to share with the world. 


I'll be writing more about this in the weeks to come, but I wanted to let you know right now I am doing a few sessions for trade or sliding scale while I define and refine my own work. It's already really good stuff, and I'm also wanting to let it unfold,  while letting people experience it right away.


So if you'd like to trade or do a sliding scale session, please let me know (just respond to this email) or I'm at


Things I specifically would love to trade are: 


1) Nourishing things like food, massage, health and wellness products or experiences :)

2) Help with updating my website, bringing it a little up to date with my coaching and/or marketing

3) Money, not gonna say no to this! 

4) Books, flowers, babysitting, cowboy boots, coffee, ocean beach vacations, treasures!

5) You tell me! I like getting to know people, and learning from each other, especially right now. 


I can't wait to hear from you! This work is juicy... and I can tell you straight up there is NOTHING like watching someone (again, especially a woman!) step into her life force, sensuality, and beauty in her own way, on her own terms. 


If you're ready, I am too.


with love, 




PS:  Here is some direct feedback I've gotten recently. This woman wants to remain anonymous, so I'll just share her words. 


"When I started talking to Moriah, I was tired. Exhausted really. I’ve been suffering from some professional burnout and the stress of the pressing question of whether or not to have kids, and I’ve honestly been too tired to give either of those things the thought required to resolve them.


But talking through my thoughts and challenges with Moriah helped me begin to see a way forward that I hadn’t been able to think of by myself.   During our call, I noticed how she could ‘feel’ when I was on the right track – a real perk of working with an empathic coach! She brought attention to those ‘right track’ moments, giving me affirmation that I was headed in the right direction for me.


It was so helpful to have a whole hour to give deep thought to issues that have been slowly festering for a long time and get feedback from a smart, thoughtful woman.


Hours after, as I was ruminating over our discussion, and I kept having epiphanies that kept rippling outward. I’ve never worked with a coach before, but it’s been an eye-opening experience I’d recommend for anyone who can’t quite make the time or find the energy to address the loose threads of their lives.


My favorite Moriah quote from our call was this: "The shadow can be our biggest teacher. It’s there so it can be healed, so we can experience the rebirth."