I Made A Video! (and I feel really vulnerable sharing it)


I made a video! Ok, it's not perfect, not edited, & I can't figure out how to get the window boxes deleted,  but hey, here I am :)

Feeling a little vulnerable actually talking out loud about all the stuff I've been writing about, and about myself as a coach/healer,  but one thing I know is that showing up, however we are, where ever we find ourselves, with all our mess, and our beauty, and whatever uncut version we are in is really so much of becoming whole. It's so much of beginning to really be in our life, in our soul, in the journey of our own self-discovery.  

The two questions I ask in this video are:

What is your body trying to express?

What is your deep self really longing for?

As I've been sitting with people during coaching/healing/soul session calls (I'm going to be offering more of these soon! I can't wait to work with you, & dive into your story and your longings!)  I'm finding when we really tap into these places and spaces within ourselves, so much is revealed to us. 

Our bodies are ALWAYS giving us signals, and trying to communicate with us.   Sometimes we just need to learn how to listen, and get support doing that. 

Though it's definitely a practice, when we slow down, we can really tap into our energy and our bodies. Our intuition and our callings.  Our body has so much it wants to share with us, and I think that's the place from where we can begin to remember and relearn what we want, and what we need.

Honestly, if we can start from this place, everything changes (in a good way). We, especially as women, have literally been indoctrinated to carry so much shame around our bodies... which carries out into everything. Our relationships and our confidence. Our energy. Our sexuality, and sensuality. Money. Chronic pain, depression, and illness. 

The way we give birth, and our birth stories.  The way we show up with people. The ways we connect (and disconnect.)   Our creativity, our potential. 

Trauma is really real, oh so real...  AND I know because I've been doing this work deeply for awhile now that so is our capacity for healing.  

We just need time, and space, and other ways of listening, showing up, and remembering.

This connects to my second question....

What is your deep self really longing for?

Sometimes I have to tune into my body, and then I can tune into everything else. 

Though I can't answer what your deep self is really longing for, I can share some of what I know of my own.

I want to be fully alive in my life. I want to be in my power. I want to write. I want to listen to the stories people are sharing. I want my words to radiate from my inner core,  and make people feel things.

I want connection. I want light and plants and food and wine. I want gardens, and moon walks, and bike rides, and the sky to unfold like the universe becoming. 

I want to be a deeply caring mother, and I also want to be deeply cared for. I want to teach women about how to be in their bodies, in their sensuality, and their source. I want a partnership that is empowered, and doesn't just happen "because we are married."

I want to experience my life as my own. I want adventure. I want my dreams to slowly, but strongly be revealed. I want to live from the inside out.

I want to make love. I want to be with people in all the ways we can. I want to learn and grow and light what needs to be lit.

I also want the shadows, and I want what we can really make of them.  I want to show people how what feels like our biggest wound is *actually* sometimes the place we find our gold. (Your inner gold, ya'll. That's what I'm talking about....when you find it, this is a game changer. Like everything else melts into place.)

I also want coffee and tacos and road trips and best friends and dolphins and babies and music and books and memories and imperfect longings and being guided and guiding and camping and fairies and s'mores.  You know, just for starters.... oh, and maybe some sunshine after all this rain!!

Also, picking from the cherry tree sounds pretty good! Here we are, doing it up last week.