This Is How The Summer Went


Swim holes.  Snow cones through the chain link fence. Fried plantains with coronas for dinner.  1st birthdays. Gemini/Cancer cusp.  Soft serve in a sugar cone, eating it by the railroad tracks while the sky dips in and out and it runs down your chin. Collage books, rainstorms, cocktails filled with lime juice & bitters.

You in my head something strong. Bullfrogs & fireflies. It's 3 am and you're wide awake to the sound of her breathing. That open-back black dress used to drive you crazy. Babygirl & her boom boom, we used to dance all night and leave the place swaying.  Top 40 all the way home, lightening strikes every time she moves.  Blue eyes like waterlight.  Fans blowing through the night. Cherries and their pits, watermelons and their seeds. It'll be all right, you know that, right?

Backyards with the Christmas lights lit, not wanting it too pass, but knowing it will.  Too hot to sleep, too deep, your dreams were the color of desire.  Her skin feels like lambs ear, falling in love in some soft milky morning light. Learning to walk was easy. She hears your footsteps on the stairs and goes "ma ma, ma."  Leo New Moon on the rise, some sliver cut through the dark.

You said you wanted to feel me on you, and now I can't forget what I didn't want to know. Forbidden fruit makes jams, the church sign says, and we played cards till the dawn. Aces high, deuces wild. The heat breaks, no rain then rain, that's all you get for days.  Longing for the ocean, still. Put on your boots and come over here, I'll right what's wrong.

Does this feeling ever stop, I asked you once, or was that just something I heard in a song.

I waited for you to answer, but you were already gone.