It's Okay to be sensitive: that's what happens when you have magic in your heart

So I’ve always been really resilient and robust and grounded.... and also deeply sensitive. You could say it’s both a blessing, and curse. It’s a blessing because it’s made me get very in touch with who I am, what I need, and draw my attention into what really matters. But, it’s also hard to navigate. I need a lot of sleep and down time. I’ve always has a hard time holding down 9-5 regular day jobs, or doing things by the books, or bending my life on anyone else’s schedule. I can’t eat too much sugar, or have too much caffeine or alcohol. I’m really strong, but just pushing through because I have to is not where I shine. Often my body goes haywire, and I have to tend deeply to it, even when I really don’t want to. It can feel like a lot of work. I have to pause and listen to my pain: What is this trying to show me? What is this teaching me right now? Sometimes I have to cancel plans + stay in, hibernate, cry, hydrate. I don’t always want to live in the “real world”: I live for my fantasies. I have to do lots of therapy and acupuncture to stay well. When my well is dry, I can’t just keeping going, even when I want to. My heart breaks pretty easily. I feel things in my core, I get FOMO, I take things personally. I’m nostalgic and weepy and moody. I love vulnerability, but I’m also very protective of sharing sometimes, and have gotten hurt doing so!

I’ve been going through one of these sensitive phases lately, and actually finding rest here: learning so much about myself from this vantage point, and leaning into the softness and magic of being sensitive. I have spent a lot of time wishing this were different — that I was somehow different — but it’s clear that honoring this part of myself is the real power. The real gifts are born from this place of inner knowing. Knowing that these tender parts make up so much of my magic, my softness, my depth, my core, and letting there be room in my life for it rather than resist it. I can be all the versions of myself, and perhaps my sensitivities can even be what leads me towards my greatest treasure. I’m often bewildered by it, and frustrated but also keenly aware it’s here to stay, and learning to nest in the folds of this is all right.

I’m also VERY excited to lean back into the edges of other parts of myself (I’m a Sag sun so when I’m ready to party and put myself out there, I’m all in!) but just to remind you while I’m sitting with this place: it’s so OK, more than OK, or honor your sensitive places, to retreat, to cocoon, to find sacred rest, to open gently, to dip in rather than dive in, to pause and feel into and also slow down. The world needs your sensitive magic when you’re ready to share the magic in your heart.

You can even journal on some of this:

What is this sensitivity here to show me?

What gift can I offer from this place?

What support and protection to I need?

Moriah Norris-HaleComment