May Day/Beltane Magic

I love this portal time between spring equinox and summer solstice. It feels so deeply healing in my feminine body, and my feminine delight. In my mothering relationship to children and the Earth, to my body, to my sensuality with myself and with others. I love the water, and the bird songs, and the scent of flowers drizzling and filling me everywhere. I love the sap rising.

My dreams are always like something juiced right into my soul. A layer of my heart softens and opens.    It feels like a bit of a homecoming with myself. When I can surrender to this place, it’s like everything just blossoms and flows from this.

Flow is an interesting place though. It comes naturally, but it also needs room to grow, and that is process. It’s taken a lot of intention and willingness to get here: I've had to feel, talk, fight, I've had to love and ask for love, ask for help, be brave, make messes, do a lot of coaching + therapy. I've had to get super cozy with feeling my feelings, ask for even more support than I thought I deserved, put words to the places that feel scary to name to get here over the last several years.  Nothing is perfect in my life, and it feels really good that way.

But, I’ve found myself the past couple weeks feeling like Hell Yes I’m creating a life I truly love. I am surrounded by the best people that I have deep connection with, I have a man in my life who I’ve created a dynamic, fulfilling, + super sexy relationship with where I feel totally honored and valued and seen.  I have an almost 4-year-old daughter who is in her power, I have sooo much support from different communities I’m involved with, work I truly truly love, clients that are saying yes, conversations that are rich, a body that feels strong. I feel like I have possibility in my life.  Maybe, and most importantly, I feel like I’m CREATING my life, I’m not just trapped in it.

What do you want to create in your life?

What feels like the the deepest expression of you?

These actually aren't the easiest questions to answer, because when you start to answer them, it takes you into the most tender parts of ourselves. Sometimes they are the parts than have been hurt, or that we have just abandoned all together. We have to really nurture this part of ourself, so she feels safe enough to start being bold.

So this is really a process of reclaiming those parts, and that is a process + practice.

It takes time to really allow and give ourselves permission to answer them, and answer to them. A willingness and a bravery.  Brave enough to get uncomfortable. To seek out mentors and be vulnerable.  To say fuck the shoulds I want what I want and I am giving myself permission to go the fuck after it. The other side of shadow is JOY PLEASURE CONNECTION + DEEP SENSUALITY.  Spirit and aliveness. Whole hearted laughter, creative spark, immense embodied love for yourself and others. It's all possible. It's all really right here and right within you, actually. You just have to be willing to say Yes to it, and then lean in.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you.