Throw out all the shoulds, and all the expectations that have literally no meaning except for pleasing others, and light the light that only you can shine. Keep lighting it. Keep going towards the things that keep your light lit.

Make friends with yourself. Both your higher self, and your shadow self. Also the self you are right here right now: lend her a hand.  Meet yourself where you are.

Be compassionate with yourself + also GO FOR IT. You are going to feel uncomfortable and you will survive. You will do more than survive. You’ll heal something from the inside out, and then bring that gift into the word.

Do rituals. Like get witchy sometimes. Mediate, candles, Tarot, calling in your guides, sage it down, burn it down: you’ve got to be intentional sometimes with where you’re putting your energy and rituals support our intentions.

Pleasure is your spirit animal. Do what feels good to you. Connect with your body. Orgasm often. Lay around in warm, sunny spots and stretch all the way out. Take breaths from your belly, yawn like a cat, move slowly and play.

Practice makes practice. Do creative shit because it makes you feel alive. Write things down when they bubble up. Talk about your feelings and then go channel that heartbreak into a practice that will sustain you longer than he/she/they can..

Love yourself the way you love others. Also, tell people what you want and receive support. .

Red lipstick can change everything. Music can change everything. Dancing and singing and community can change everything. Do those things that fill you up, limit the stuff that drains you.

I promise you, you are growing into the woman you are here to become..

I promise she won’t let you down.