highly recommend

When I found myself struggling, I called Moriah and set up some coaching sessions. I hadn't worked with a coach before, so I was a little nervous - what should (and shouldn't) I talk about?

Moriah made it so easy and comfortable, beginning with some guiding questions to get me started, and then asking additional gentle questions throughout the session. 

 I'm an introspective person by nature, and I had thought through my struggles a million times alone. 

But working with Moriah helped me make connections I had never made before - and I'm certain I wouldn't have made without her guidance.

After just two sessions, I understood myself and my needs so clearly that I've already made positive and significant adjustments to my life.

If you are feeling frustrated or stuck or uncertain of your next step, I highly recommend you reach out to Moriah.

Joey, Asheville, NC

Moriah Norris-HaleComment