The Sky Inside

Hi there, beautiful you. I am so glad you're here.  I'm Moriah Norris-Hale:  a Life Coach, Healer, Writer, & Mama.  I teach + coach + counsel women to live a fulfilling, beautiful life.

Coaching with me is a powerful, nourishing way to experience yourself more truly than ever before. I want you to know what its like to feel deeply alive, and fully engaged with your life. I get that we are living in complex + intense times, and we need both new ways of being in conversations with men, and with ourselves.

I also LOVE watching a woman name what she really wants, and then *get* what she really wants.  Maybe we can even have fun doing it.
I'm not your average woman, or mother - and neither are you. Nope.  You're someone who knows there is more to life than just the status quo, than just doing what you're "supposed to do", even if that means shaking things up from time to time.  You're passionate, creative, hardworking, fierce and loving ... but maybe a little burnt out with all you're doing for everyone else.  

You want space to dream. To create. To write more, or paint, or travel.   Maybe you want to have a baby. Or maybe you don't, but you want to start a business. Or fall in love again. Maybe you want all of it, but in your own way, in your own time. You know you want to relish and revel in your life, your work, and your longings.  You want to walk your own brave path, and live in a place of your heart's desire. 

 You "bring it" to so many areas of your life: your work, your children, your education,  your partner, your community, but sometimes you just wish someone would bring it to you.

Someone who can really see you, feel you, and reflect back to you your beauty, your aliveness, and your passion.  Someone who is as soul rich, and smart as you, and can meet you where you're at. Someone who can hold space for you to truly be *you*. A dynamic, sacred space to return to yourself.

Yes, I totally feel you, and that's why I'm here. There's nothing I love more that helping women reconnect with their true selves, their energy and joy, so they can unfold even more fully into their lives.  

I support people in returning to their deep self, their bodies, and their creative practices so they can  live a life of their own making. Your heart's desire is calling you home.  Oh, girl, I can hear it  now. 

"You are the sky. Everything else - it's just the weather." Pema Chodron



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